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Being an artist, a doula and a social entrepreneur I found in my motherhood journey, the inspiration to contribute to the higher cause of women´s well being.
I am in the process of creating a birth stories Art book,"Birth As You Please" because I sense the urgency of adding ideas and research to the dialogue around how birth can be more humane and how women, birthing people, all around the world, in many different cultures can inspire each other to rediscover their life giving capabilities.


Amancaya lives in Peace in the House of Mirrors.
The Andean Goddess of Creation,
The Mediterranean Muse of Inspiration.
She was born when my little newborn was conceived in the circle room.
Her gaze over the mountains, into the sky, into the sea.
She lives in me - I live in her


"Birth As You Please", a birth stories art book by @amancayacreate

Twenty one mothers, birthing people from around the world, unite their voices in the book  “Birth As You Please” to share their birth stories and portraits to inspire, empower  and advocate the right to choose how to give birth; where, when and with whom. A book where the diversity of birth giving experience will be portrayed through colors and words and where art is used as  a medium that elevates human existence and immortalizes the essence of motherhood.


Birth Art

Immortalize with a self portrait your transition to lifegiving and creation

A drawing of your pregnant body by Amancaya, a gift to yourself, to the new life, to your family.

I invite women to honor and love their bodies while they go through any type of transition and transformation hormonal, emotional, physical, social, geographical and spiritual...through art, cause art is healing.                                          

I invite men to honor their personal journey and be close witnesses of life creation.


My inspiration

My intention to write the book, “Birth as You Please”,  is to create a reference point where twenty one mothers from around the world can connect through their individual birth stories in a creative manner and be inspired to become agents of paradigm change in the way they birth their children, in their own individual cultural, social contexts, remembering and reclaiming the right to birth as they please, safely and respected. Women will learn from how other women carry their babies in the womb and how they give birth to them? What if in Bolivia, China or India, Canada they share the same “threat” of the C-section epidemic? And what if birthing with midwives, vaginally and naturally free of epidurals and antibiotics, is a conscious act to rescue the wisdom of our ancestors and to give the best possible entry of our babies to life.


Campaign Video of Birth As You Please

For the right to Birth as You Please, mothers, birthing people from all over the world share their birth stories through colors and words.


Amancaya Create on "Birth As You Please" interviewed by Julia Sno from @BeWomanOnlinePresence


I interviewed an artist ~ Amancaya Create interviewed by Ashley Sipes from Youtube Channel Birth Matters


Birth As You Please, travels to the gathering of the Wise, spiritual healers, midwives and natural doctors in Patacamaya


Paulina Amalki Tekuna remembers how her mother gave birth and she is sharing it with us in this video.


Pamela is one of the 21 women, birthing people participating at the birth stories art book "Birth As You Please" In this video she shares her thoughts around more respectful and humane obstetric treatment, through her personal birth story.


Ana Maria Centellas, a doula and architect living in La Paz Bolivia, is one of the 21 women participating in "Birth As You Please. She is sharing her thoughts on the creation of the Book "Birth As You Please". What is the importance of sharing birth stories and using art as a form of expression and healing.


Karine and Sakeena close advisors and team members of Birth As You Please share their thoughts from Athens and Granada with love.


One Free Woman about to birth her second daughter within hours.
"Her words are pure gold" as Karine Ancellin says. From a mother to all mothers of the world.


Plaster Forever Belly

Your baby's first home

Your belly stays in history - to look at after years, to remember, to share with your ancestors. A fun, deep connecting activity before your transformation to a new whole being, a mother.



Pregnancy, First Hug, Little Argonauts



"My motherhood Journey and more" at Cafe Le Placard

In this exhibition I expose and sell posters of my art as a mean to support my new role as a mother

Each single painting has its own unique story – it is my life story

I am a self taught artist

Your feedback and collaboration is highly appreciated

Amancaya Xristina


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